Chat with us, powered by LiveChat A 25-year-old woman presents for care and reports a 2-day history of burning with urination, urinary frequency, and feeling as though she is not emptying her bladder completely. She is sexually active with the same male partner for the past 4 months and is using a progesterone IUD for contraception.? Her past medical and surgical histories are negative, and she has no known drug allergies (NKDA).? She denies fever, chills, vaginal discharge, concerns about the IUD, or previous urinary infections or problems. 1. Explain what you would do for her during today’s visit and explain the expected outcomes a. Assessment b. Labs c. Physica 3xam d. Education 2. Based on the patient’s clinical presentation a. Explain the clinical diagnosis chosen for this visit 3. Treatment a. Pharmacology b. Nonpharmacology c. Prevention strategies - Homeworkcenter
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